Frequently Asked Questions about the EUCANWin! project

What does EUCANWin! mean?

EUCANWin! was selected as a memorable abbreviation for the full project name, ‘European-Canadian partnership for climate-positive heat and power generation through improved biomass feedstock supply and innovative conversion technologies’. 

How has EUCANWin! been established?

EUCANWin! builds upon previous research and development by its experienced project partners, who’ve been brought together by the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), as project co-ordinator. The partners from Canada and five EU countries (Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Spain and Sweden) include two universities, three RTD organisations and five SMEs. 

The project is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101022829, under call topic LC-SC3-RES-36-2020 – International cooperation with Canada on advanced biofuels and bioenergy, contributing to Mission Innovation Challenge 4 on Sustainable Biofuels. 

What will EUCANWin! achieve?

EUCANWin! seeks to create wins on both sides of the Atlantic by increasing the viability of sustainable biomass supply chains from forestry sources, and develop an efficient heat and power technology with higher efficiency and negative carbon emissions, compared to conventional bioenergy systems. See the About page for more on the project’s specific developments.  

What can I do with the materials in this Media Kit?

Materials in the Media section have been prepared to enable journalists and media organisations to write effectively about EUCANWin! Any materials can be replicated or adapted for journalistic purposes, as long as our communications team is notified of use. Please contact for details. 

I have more questions!

You can submit your questions via the contact form, available here